Always growing… why am I so afraid?


Note: This is my last post about the retreat I went on in early October. This post is a… diversion Read More →

Compromising Yourself vs. Compromising for a Relationship

I once dated a guy for six years. I was ready to marry him, do the whole life together thing. Read More →

Please Check Out My Little Blog Store

Did you know that The Bad at Cleaning Blog has a store? Well it does! It has all items that Read More →


Happy chibi Jen

Something I have never really been comfortable with. I was good at representing a cause or a client. I was Read More →

7 Reasons I Am Already An Old Lady (And I Am Only 29)

Me in a maxi dress

In the last two weeks something has become obvious: I really am an old lady. I’m going to technically turn Read More →

What I Did Last Weekend… Photos!


Last weekend (possibly two weekends ago by the time I publish this) I went to my church’s denomination’s district Women’s Read More →

To Be Continued…hop, hop, hop!


I have so much to tell you. Like deep emotional revelations and like 300 pictures I didn’t take,  but my Read More →


Freakishly strong sponge bob

We had our usual monthly SF trip last week. Instead of going in, getting what felt like a punch in Read More →

Parenting is: Joyful Chaos

Kids climbing on me

  That’s how I just defined my children -my life with my children- in my journal. So much joy… truly a Read More →

8 Things Only People With Allergies Understand

This post was inspired by my entire life. I am a lucky person who has year round allergies. Not just Read More →