My Thoughts on “9 Reasons I Regret Being a Stay at Home Mom”

I recently read a blog post at Scary Mommy blog post called “9 Reasons I Regret Being a Stay at Read More →

{Monday Inspiration} Being Happy

Being Happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, it simply means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections

{Friday musing} Quick update and Christmas evil

Friday Musings: Random thoughts from the week, about the week, about next week... Let's face it: There is no purpose, I just like the title

I don’t have much to say today or this week, but I wanted to say hi. I’ve been writing like Read More →

Monday Inspiration: Strong

You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Strong Is the Only Choice You Have

People regularly say “I don’t know if I could do what you are doing” which is a lie. You could, Read More →

Two Nice Ladies Are Throwing My Son A Fundraiser


I’ll get to the point: A super generous lady is throwing me a fundraiser to help cover my son’s expenses Read More →

Zombie’s and fake nails: Why we are never leaving the house again

Your kid is sick again? Lets see here, thats every day so far this year right?

This post is pretty scatter brained…forgive me. I blame the fumes from my new nails. Monday was my first day Read More →

Monday Inspiration: Some days…

Some days you just need to be smothered with love

It’s not #TBT but I came across this, and I still adore it. Love can be awkward and knock you Read More →

No More Hopeless In This Home

No More Hopeless

I’m almost done with writing a ebook. It’s almost everything I’d tell any friend if their child was just diagnosed Read More →

Happy Monday: Getting My Positive Pants On

Happiness is s form of courage

It’s Monday. The last two weeks I have been in a funk. To be honest I get in funk’s and Read More →

Getting out of my head and writing an ebook

Parents' Guide to Helping Your Child Through Chemo

This is why I never finish anything. I’ve taken a break from writing “The Book” and started working on a Read More →