The official goodbye

I’ve finally admitted it. I really am ready to say goodbye to this blog. It’s been a huge part of my life and mental health the last three years but I am moving on to challenge myself in new ways … (read more)

Books, books, and books.

I’ve been kind of on a book making kick lately. It’s distracted me from everything else including mopping my kitchen floor, and ya know, sanity. It will all be coming to My Little Shop in October. First, is “You Can … (read more)

In honor of my mom’s birthday- Jimmy Fallon!

I’ve had a long week. Overworked, overwhelmed, but all with good stuff…but still, last night I was left laying on the couch going…   So, this morning it’s time to perk up AND it’s my mama’s birthday!  In honor of … (read more)

You don’t know, what you don’t know

The worst part about growing up is the middle part. The part where you realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. When you are a young adult — mid to late twenties (for some people it goes much … (read more)

Anxiety …in Comic Form

Lately, I have been introduced into the world of anxiety. It’s crazy, it’s terrifying, above all it’s exhausting. Panic attacks are not a good time, I tell ya. A friend of mine sent me this pin of a Buzzfeed post … (read more)

I don’t clean, I do crafts…sorta

I’m not a Pinterest crafter. Let me just say that off the bat. I do not care enough or have enough attention to detail to make things that are beautifully photographed on Pinterest. But I am occasionally crafty. On my … (read more)